Voyage 2015: Chapter 2

North to New England

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18 Sep 2015, New York to Baltimore, 39 16.752 N/ 076 35.064 W

We deflated our dinghy for the trip to Baltimore as we had difficulty seeing while it layed on the deck. We left ball #9 at 1030 as the current was running against prior to that. We arrived at Hell Gate at 1215 with a fair current of 3 knots. Unfortunately, we met up with large tug and barge coming towards us at Mill Rock. To avoid a collision, we had to head closer to Mill Rock than we liked. We passed but the wake he created going against the current was something to behold. The East River has not too great either as the SW wind was amplified by the skyline of Manhattan and Brooklyn fighting against our current. Once we passed Roosevelt Island, everything calmed down.
We had an unfortunate encounter with the local USCG. As we entered the NY harbor, a Coast Guard inflatable, with flashing blue lights and a 50 cal gun briefly pointed at us, approached us at high speed. Without regard to VHF communications, they stood between us and a Staten Island ferry that was more than .25 nm from us. Once the ferry passed, the Coast Guard inflatable departed, still without any communications. All of this in front of the Stature of Liberty. Land of the free!
We lost the current when we were south of Sandy Hook. It was lumpy for a while as the wind still had some power from the south. We passed Atlantic City just after sunrise two days ago and anchored in Cape May 6 hours later.
Bright and early yesterday, we were off for Still Pond via the Cape May Canal, Delaware Bay, and the C&D Canal. The current gods were perfect as we had a favorable current from Cape May to Still Point. Today we left Still Point and headed for Baltimore in calm conditions. We arrived at Anchorage marina at 1500 and tied up on P 98. Marina is more tired than we remember but it is good to be here.

21 Sep 2015, Baltimore to Herrington Harbour, 38 46.614 N/ 076 33.918 W

We spent a couple of days in Baltimore as the weather was stinky and we wanted to check out our old marina. It is in serious need for major TLC. We met up with Victor and Cathy of SV Chambrise who we knew from HHS and several encounters on the way South. We had a wonderful dinner at one of the local eateries. The marina had a pot luck and concert celebrating the marina's 30th anniversary. We had a good time but went to bed early.
We left Baltimore yesterday under cloudy and rainy skies. The wind was kinda fluky but mostly on the quarter. We briefly shared the channel with a Carnival cruise liner heading North. We also encountered a few container ships and a bunch of sailing vessels.
We decided to tuck into Whitehall Bay as we were still a day early for our date with HHN's travel lift. Life was good as were anchored by 1300. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch, a couple glasses of wine, and a beautiful sunset. We saw on the Internet that the tropics were getting a bit lively. We'll keep an eye on it.
Yesterday, we left Whitehall and headed for Herring Bay. Light winds and cloudy skies were the conditions of the day. We tied up on L Dock waiting for a haul the next day. As usual, Herrington Harbor did a very professional job processing our boat. Boat was hauled on schedule, blocked as requested, and placed where we asked.

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