Voyage 2015: Chapter 2

North to New England

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01 Aug 2015, SSCA Gam in Islesboro, 41 44.358 N/ 070 38.964 W

The folks on SV Endeavor host a SSCA Gam every year, this being the 25th consecutive gathering here in Islesboro. Jule III could not attend but Bob was chosen to represent her at the Gam. We had a car for Ann's weekly visit to the doctor, so Bob headed off to Maine, took the ferry to Islesboro, and attended the dinghy raft up on Friday and the potluck and discussion sessions on Saturday.
Jinny and JW of SV Over Budget were kind enough to provide Bob with a place to stay and lots of food and drink. Over Budget is a 49 foot Hylas with lots of room so everyone was comfortable. He felt really welcome. It was sad that Ann could not come due to her healing leg. The doctor indicated that it would not be a good idea for her to travel the 5 hours each way.
The dinghy raft-up was on Friday where lots of food was passed around ... and around and around. Bob ate too much rich stuff and paid the price on Saturday with a very upset stomach. He took a pass on the potluck, listened to the sea tunes, talked a bit to fellow cruisers, then headed back on the 5 hour trip back. We later learned that there would be no 26th celebration of the Gam so it was good that at least one of us could attend.

23 Aug 2015, Lilli is coming!, 41 44.358 N/ 070 38.964 W

Lilli is coming to visit on Jule III here in Onset. We can't wait until she arrives. Sammy is waiting for her visit also. We used our rental car to pick her up but we had to detour to Wilmington NC for a funeral of a dear friend. It was a 10 hour drive from Lilli's house to Onset. We were tired.
Mr. Dave was the Onset launch pilot who we relied on to get us to and from the boat. Ann had strict instructions not to get her leg wet so the dinghy was out of the question. We had good conversations during our 5-10 minute rides to town or the yacht club. Lilli enjoyed the rides also. Still she would rather travel in the big boat.
Lilli insisted on sleeping in Grandpa's berth along with her Mr. Smoothie. Poor Grandpa had to sleep in the main salon with Sammy Jane (until she moved to sleep with Ann). She would cozy up with Smoothie, have her snacks, and watch a movie on her DVD. Life was good for the girl and for us!
The girl and GPO (that's Bob) headed to the beach with Grandma. The sandy bottom wasn't too sandy (but rather mooshy) so we decided to build a sand lake. Grandma could not play in the sand due to her leg ... but she could watch.
We took the launch to the local pizza place, Marc Anthony's, where we all got pizza (each there own). She played a game at Marc Anthony's where she won a stuffed shark. She loves stuffed animals so she was thrilled the rest of the night. For some reason she did not want to remove her life vest and she continued to wear it most of the night. Strange girl.
A day of miniature golf and a lunch time snack was enjoyed by all. There is a place in Onset that provides all day miniature golf for $7.95. Not a bad price and a great course. We won't say who win 'cause that is not proper. We all had hot dogs and the girls had ice cream.
Lilli 'bought' Grandma a mesh swing and she wanted to see it in action! So Grandpa hoisted it up on a spare jib halyard, placed a couple of ropes to stabilize it and Caramba, a swing. Grandma had to fight Lilli to get some time on the swing. It was a big hit but everybody was sad when we had to take it down for a storm.
Miss Lilli got dinghy driving lessons and she did a wonderful job driving us back and forth to the dinghy dock. She was not allowed to play with the throttle but she had complete control of steering. It reminded us of Collin's first dinghy drive many years before. Grandkids are cool.
The night before she left, there was the "Illumination", a tradition held for many years in the Onset Harbor. Everywhere we looked, we saw bright red lights (flares) on the coastline. It was truly a breath taking sight ... and we got to see it all from the cockpit of Jule. Not a bad finale for Lilli's visit.

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