Voyage 2015: Chapter 2

North to New England

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5 Sep 2015, Heading for Newport, 41 28.734 N/ 071 19.614 W

We left Tashmoo at 0815 (high tide) and passed the breakwater without incident. Winds were NW@10-15 kts with fair going foul current. Still, we zipped down Vineyard Sound, passed by Cuttyhunk at 1130, Buzzards light at 1230 and made the turn into Narragansett Bay at 1400.
We passed Castle Hill to starboard at 1430 and dropped the hook in the anchorage south east of Goat Island at 1515. We were surprised that the anchorage was not crowded but we are sure it will fill up soon. Yep, by 1800, a dozen boats dropped their hook around us. Still room for more though.
We got lots of compliments on Jule during our stay, maybe because of our new topside paint job. A French Canadian couple came by from their boat, SV Star Light II. JF and Silvie shared some of their experiencees sailing Atlantic Canada/New England and we shared our voyages to the Bahamas and Caribbean. Nice people.
Newport has great facilities for the cruiser, including several good dinghy docks, the Maritime Center, and Seaman's Church Institute. Cheap showers, good washer/driers, and a great regional bus system make life clean and easy in Newport.
Our anchorage is near the Ida Lewis Yacht Club. The name and the Club have an interesting history. We took the Oldport water taxi tour of the harbor and learned a lot of interesting stuff on the history and status of the city and its harbor.
We have been to Newport several times but never visited Ft Adams. This time we decided we would check it out. We explored the perimeter of the fort and were treated to some spectacular vistas of the harbor and the Narragansett. We wanted to continue but it was really getting cold so we headed back to the water taxi.
SV Over Budget arrived here a couple of days ago. We took the rental car to Bristol for a 'meatloaf mountain', did some shopping, enjoyed some drinks, had dinner on Over Budget with JW, Jinnie, JF, and Silvie. Before we left, we had to have a wine on the lawn of Castle Hill, a Jule III tradition. So Over Budget and Jule headed for the restaurant at Castle Hill, picked four of their best Adirondack chairs, and ordered several glasses of wine. Wonderful. Tomorrow we head for Long Island Sound, so we pack up and head back to our boats. Good times.

15 Sep 2015, Slow Stroll through Long Island Sound, 40 49.998 N/ 073 43.146 W

We left Newport 5 days ago for a slow passage to Port Washington. We were not in a hurry. Capt. Ann had the helm for our first leg down the Narragansett and west down the Rhode Island Sound. Weather was light with sunny skies, and wind SW@10 kts. Current was not an issue until we approached the Race.
For us, the Race starts around Watch Hill where Long Island Sound ends at it narrowest. We are careful in this area as there are outcropping of rocks everywhere. We have pretty specif routes built before we enter this area.
The Sound is the home of some of the most unique and beautiful light houses we have seen anywhere. Many are similar to the lighthouse here but some look like houses or mansions on small islands. During this time of year, the wind is predominately from the SW which can make a westward passage problematic. Fortunately for us, the wind was light most days.
First night we anchored off of Fishing Island with a few other boats. The second night we anchored in the western outer breakwater outside of New Haven. The third night found us at Huntington Bay.
On the fourth afternoon, we entered Manhasset Bay and soon we were on yellow mooring ball #9. The town encourages cruisers to come to Port Washington by providing free moorings for two nights. They also have a launch that is reasonable and usually quite responsive.
Jim and Karen of Wanderer II arrived a couple of days ago from Oyster Bay. We explored the town together while Jim gave us some old local knowledge as he was raised here. We both got hair cuts at the Palace Barber Shop, ate at the Ahan's Mediterranean restaurant, and shopped at the local Stop and Shop. Port Washington is one of our must stop stops.
One black spot for us is the rough treatment our new paint job received by the local water taxis. We received more scoffs, marks, and scratches here than we received everywhere else since the boat was painted. We learned to use all of our fenders here if we use their launch. That aside, Port Washington is one of our favorite stops.
We found a Catholic Church (St. Peter of Alcantara) but it was quite a hike with a big hill between us and the church. The hike was worth it. Great sermon, great architecture, and an environment that reminds Bob of his childhood church in Crafton PA. The hike back was not so bad. Fenders helped with the black marks this time with the launch.

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