Voyage 2015: Chapter 2

North to New England

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09 Jul 2015, Back to ILM , back to Jule, and we are gone, 39 32.85 N/ 075 33.156 W

After Marco, we raced up to Wilmington for her colon stuff and a biopsy on her leg. No big deal or so we thought. On Wednesday, we left Shipwright for our trip North. Weather was light as we passed under the Bay bridge. There was nasty weather coming our way.
We met a really big guy going through the C&D canal and his turn was a bit tight on us. His CPA was about 50 yards. Now that he is passed we can worry about the severe weather coming our way. We managed to exit the canal before the current became a problem. We dropped the hook just outside the commercial anchorage in the Delaware about 15 minutes before the bad stuff came through. Scary! Next day we had an uneventful trip to Cape May where anchoring was a bit of a problem with all of the dredge equipment around.

13 Jul 2015, Passage to Onset, 41 37.812 N/ 070 42.15 W

We left Cape May on Saturday with light winds and Plan A had two nights at sea and an arrival in Onset on Monday. It was warm so Ann deployed her mobile cover. How embarrassing is that? We saw very little traffic during the day, but the big FVs lit up the sky at night. We were a bit nervous to see what we think were trap floats on the radar. Saw them in two places during the first night.
The second evening found us abeam of Block Island heading for Cuttyhunk and Buzzards Bay. We stayed in the main channel to avoid any possible trap floats. Didn't seem any but the fishing fleet was returning to New Bedford so we saw lots of big boats really close.
We passed Cleveland Ledge light just as the sky was waiting for the sun. There was no traffic, no wind, and no seas. We were tired but excited that we would be in Onset in a couple of hours. The current was favorable so that it should be a painless rest of the morning.

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