Voyage 2015: Chapter 3

South to Winter Port

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31 Oct 2015, On to our Winter Port in Southport, 33 55.824 N/ 077 59.802 W

We left New Bern several days ago and headed for the anchorage near the USCG ATON Station in Beaufort NC. Next day we went offshore to Wrightsville and then a short hop to a mooring at Carolina Beach. We waited four days for the weather to calm down a bit before we continued to Deep Point Marina in Southport. As we arrived, we were greeted by Curtis who picked up our lines and got us safely tied in slip B-9.
We can't forget the great Haloween Party that we were invited to attend. It was hosted by Janet and Dwayne of MV Cadence, a really big Selene. The theme was 60 era hippies. Bob lamented that it should have been 60 era nerds as he knew much more of them. Nevertheless, the party was great, we stayed up to late, drank too much, and then slept too long. Tomorrow we start unpacking the boat and performing repairs that were already 'repaired'. We'll be back in April for to start our really big 2016-2017 season unless ....

31 Dec 2015, The Rest of 2015, 33 55.824 N/ 077 59.802 W

The rest of the 2015 was not too swell. We decided to cancel our Southern voyage and meander back to Wilmington and get healthy. That would be harder than we thought. Bob noticed that Ann's Hyannis EKG was annotated with a possible heart problem. When we arrived in Wilmington, we went through the medical process again. Blood sugar, blood pressure, and irregular heart tests sent her back to the hospital and she became the proud owner of a shiny stent. She still has problems but medical professionals are slow to respond. Wonder why?
Boat developed a bit of a problem. During several really humid days and cold nights, the boat had a mildew bloom ... and classic blisters on the fiberglass cabin roof. First time in 20 years we had such a problem. We now have to reconstruct the ceiling of the main cabin. It will take several months. Hard to explain why. Maybe we used the wrong kind of paint last time we de-sooted the ceiling.
Bad news continued. Samantha Jane, our 17+ year old cat, was diagnosed with chronic renal failure (CRF). She has sailed over 22,000 nm with us over the years. We prayed to have her for the Christmas holidays and our prayers were answered. But it would not last, she refused her treatments and faded fast.
Doctor Ked told us to look in her eyes and she would let us know. She did on 5 January 2016 and Dr. Ked and Miss Lauren set her on course to the Rainbow Bridge the next day. She was the last of our four legged crew. Sad times!

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