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05 Sep 2009, Waiting for the Launch, 38 46.5 N/ 076 33.8 W

    Jule is still 'on the hard' at Herrington Harbor, ready for her 'splash'. Swab Lilli was there to help us for much of the in-the-air provisioning. We finished bottom painting a couple of weeks ago and we tried a new transducer paint on our two echo sounders. Everything is a go for our launch on the 8th of September.

    Herrington Harbour had a crab feast during the Labor Day weekend. Butch and Vicki were kind enough to invite us for the festivities. Ann sure enjoyed the wine, crabs, and the wine. They had hot dogs, hamburgers, and diet coke for Bob. It was really quite a feast! After we had our fill, we headed back to a drydocked Jule III. Just a couple of more days until we are floating again!

12 Sep 2009, Jule III Splashes and other Stories, 38 46.5 N/ 076 33.8 W

    Jule III met the water at 1000 ET on 8 September. She had been on the hard since early June. The sail from HHN to Shipwright Harbour was about .04 nm but we made it without incident. It was a rainy day but we were glad to have her in a slip; a slip she occupied from 2003-2005. The only disturbing thing was that neither depth sounder was working properly. Hopefully, it is the bottom in the slip but it could be the new transducer paint. We'll see on her shakedown trip today.

    No Joy! Neither transducer is working (very well). We had a nice sail though and everything else seemed to work quite well; even the crew. Looks like we'll have to haul the boat and have the junk sanded off the transducers. Looks like violating Bob's Rule #2 did not pay off. After three hours of sailing, we came into the slip much better than we left earlier. We forgot to take all of the lines off, backed out the wrong way, and just looked silly! Later that day we had a really nice concert at the pavilion in the People's Park of Shipwright. A nice way to end a not too great day.

21 Sep 2009, A haul, a splash, and a family daysail, 38 46.5 N/ 076 33.8 W

    The haul for the transducer 'fix' was a little more complicated than originally envisioned. We wanted to get a new stuffing box installed at the same time but that didn't work out. They splashed us before we could sand the transducers. So they gave us a free short-haul so we could sand the 'ducers. Then back to Shipwright we went. Doesn't look much better! We'll see how they perform during the family daysail.

    Our daysail was originally going to be a weekend trip to St. Michael's but the weather was forecast on the nose at 15-25 kts. As we have stated before, Gentlemen do not go to windward and we did not want to subject Lilli to a bumpy ride on her first cruise. To keep the crew busy, Bob drove Chris and the kids around the harbor in the dinghy. Everything worked including the outboard. Last night, the gang slept in Jule. It was a bit crowded but it was great having them on board.

    Weather today is light SE with waves less than one foot. Not bad. We headed out around 1200 ET and passed Herring Bay #1 by 1245. At 1246, Lilli decided she wanted to go home. Gina seconded the thought. After a few futile minutes of coaxing them that sailing was fun, we turned Jule around and arrived back at the dock at 1430. Oh, the transducers still are not working. So we will schedule yet another haul but only after we sail to the SSCA Annapolis Gam in the Rhode River next weekend.

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